3 Things to do during unemployment

Increase your Skills continuously. This will help you to get more variety of jobs.

Very useful in almost all jobs. You don’t know what you will have to do. You might get promoted or change jobs. So if you still don’t know these. You must learn it.

To get more opportunities you need to spread the word that you are looking for opportunities. Also try to build your own website and share that. Then you can keep it updated.

3 Quotes by Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter

Dumbledore using his wand to extract his memory

Can you tell me that in which films he said these three quotes? It will prove how much you know about Harry Potter! πŸ˜„

The Miracle Morning – 6 Steps to Success

Life S.A.V.E.R.S.

In a book by MM

It is important that you spend some time in silence to let your thoughts come to you. If you keep on getting in other tasks or be with your phone, your conscious mind will not be able to connect with your subconscious part of your brain.

It is essential that you accept what you want to really do. Telling it loud what you want to become or what your target is, helps to get going & achieve things that you have always dreamt of.

The only thing that really keeps you pushing is your visualisation. Our mind works better whenever there is a reward lying nearby. But it is not always the scenario all the time. The reward is not always visible which is why the motivation fades. So, you need to continuously visualise the reward or the aim or the person who you want to be in order to keep yourself motivated.

Exercises in the morning are extremely crucial because it helps to circulate fresh oxygen & water in all the body parts making all your organs active & ready to spring into action. So it is mandatory that one does some exercise in the morning to get a better performance.

A good book is like a good friend. It is not always possible to choose people around us. But it is possible to fill our lives with good book. We must read some good book in the morning filled with positive thoughts or positive things. This will help you emit positivity throughout the day.

Sometimes visualisation works better when your brain sees or feels the things around. Writing your daily targets or goals helps the brain to plan accordingly & make those written things turn into reality. Thus, do not forget to write this things, be it in your sticky notes or diary or ipad or mobiles or computers.

The moment you choose The Miracle Morning, you choose to improve your life.

3 Things Educational Institutes Must Do for the New Normal

Schools have been closed for months

Glass partitions are to be used to keep the children safe from getting in proximity with each other. These glass partitions, benches and classrooms are required to be sanitized on a daily basis.

By alternate days Attendance of students, the school should try to break the whole classroom into 3groups and allot them classes in subsequent alternate days. This will allow sufficient social distancing norms among school kids. The school will have to be very strict about masks and sanitization norms.

Suppose out of 3 groups, Group A attends school on Monday, Group B will attend the same class on Tuesday, Group C on Wednesday. Similarly one can achieve or restart education like this. On the alternate days the school can provide Online classes on the remaining days.

Difficult times call for smart solutions.

A library full of books but having no readers

3 Opportunities amidst Tough Times

This is a crucial time to take smart decisions & take calculated risks
1. Who is the New Topper?

The pandemic has stopped production worldwide, many companies have been wiped out due to financial hiccups. This provides a chance to climb up the competition stairs while others are grasping for help.

Optimization with limited resources & setting optimal prices for products may boost finances.

With new norms & reduced workforce, optimisation is the only key to hit the best during these challenging times.

2. Training Employees for Multi-tasking

Companies should provide skill development option during this time so that employees are more efficient in their respective fields.

In this manner both the employee and the employer would draw benefit.

There is a good chance that companies will be unable to perform their work in an 100% manner they used to do before the pandemic hit.

They must train other employees to do more than one kind of task, so that they can fill in for the other if things do not go according to their way. The virus can hit anyone anytime. Its better to be prepared.

3. Trend is Shifting creating New Horizons

Things are not going to be back to normal soon. We will have to learn embracing the new normal. This will close earlier approaches and give rise to online segment and development in fields of delivery.

Logistics would require excellent management with utmost precaution, so that their services are not hit by COVID.

Online market are blooming with opportunities. Thus, players must try to explore the potential possibilities from there as well.

There are numerous possibilities in online market sprouting amidst these tough times

3 Things to Remember about Vaccination of COVID-19

A nurse injecting a patient
1. Vast Production Required

Our world has 7.8 billion people in it & it means vaccination will have to be made in extremely large quantity which is a very challenging task.

2. Prioritise Order

Once the vaccination is available, it will have to be stopped against being hoarded by rich or powerful people. The order suggested to follow would be-

  • Frontliners- Doctors, Nurses, Caregivers
  • Elderly People
  • Poor People or Farmers (who produce foods)

We must prepare ourselves for mass production, once vaccination arrives to avoid rush. Because every life is precious. πŸ’“

3. Prevention is better than Cure

For now, vaccination is not available at all, and people at large are fighting with this deadly virus with their own immunity only.

We must adhere to strict Social Distancing norms & extreme hygiene habits, as it seems to be the only way to keep us alive until the vaccine arrives.

We must always try embrace nature

The Secret of Happiness

Smile whenever you can, it helps to keep negativity away

If you want to be happy, be happy right now.

With whatever you have, how much you have. Be happy right now.

Happiness should not be like if I get this I’ll be happy.

Happiness is simple- I am happy for the food I eat and the love I have and the shelter I have.

Simplicity is a powerful key towards being happy

Music heals a lot of pain and gives a lot of positive energy. Make sure to keep music in your pockets

3 Things to Ensure Survival in This Lockdown Period

The lockdown period has long started to put an effect on the economy. Now the effects are clearly visible to us. So there are a few things which can ease our worries in the near future. Lets find out what are those…

All Stores are closed due to the lockdown leading to unavailability of certain items

Yes, you do need to stock up a little on bare essentials because things are not like earlier any more. If you wait for an item to get finished & then start looking for it, then it can be disappointing for you as the supply is less now & had become way more difficulty due to lockdown & social distancing. This Essentials generally mean-

  • Food Items
  • Medicines

Tough times had fallen onto us. Industries had ended up making huge loss & may end up in bankruptcy. People may end up jobless. Thus, we must exercise utmost caution to save for the rainiy days to come. As without saying it goes- Prevention is better than cure.

Thousands have lost their jobs & thousands will losr their jobs in future

The best way to fight depression is humour. We would need ourselves to be calm & happy to face the situations coming ahead. If we plan properly & learn to thrive with limited resources, we will surely pull through this tough situation. πŸ˜‡

3 Things Schools Should Do Right Away!!

All the schools are closed for an indefinite period of time & children in most of the schools are unable to access education properly like they used to do back in the Corona-Free world. Its is high time that the schools take immediate action to smoothen things by tactfully handling a few upgrades in the schooling methods. Here are a list of things to upgrade to Schooling 2.0 –

School Kids are missing their old days of having fun & being with their friends

Surely with several Video Conferencing apps can help in starting schooling experience again. But teachers do need an upgrade in their technical-know-how of how to operate these softwares in an optimum way. The school authority can arrange for short courses for the teachers & a tech-team to take a look on the glitches the teachers face during taking online classes can really help in keeping the whole process going.

The school can have a Library section in their website & students can login with their IDs to access E-Books to continue getting quality study materials required for them to continue their education. Many students are unable to buy books & start their education of a new grade. This E-Book availability in their school’s e-platform will really help them boost their studies instantly.

Without assessments all studies hold no meaning. Thus it is also crucial to arrange for mock tests which are time based & will provide analysis of where the test takers are making a mistake. This can easily be arranged from Google Docs with a little training to the teachers as covered in Step 1 of this article.

Studying online is a new habit & will take a little used-to, but as per the situation it is the best we can hope for.

I would conclude by saying that, there is always a way to do something. And actions & innovations towards improvements always fetched some result than “Inaction”.